Secure Business Communications for Every Industry.

For secure, industry-compliant communications, trust NetFortris.

These days every enterprise is concerned about information security and compliance, particularly in industries with stringent regulatory requirements for protecting customer and transaction data. NetFortris solutions provide secure business communications for any organization where security and compliance top the list of corporate priorities.

All NetFortris solutions start with our intelligent, private, carrier-grade network for voice, data and other business applications. This 99.999% high-availability network is resilient, optimized for efficiency and offers the flexibility of bandwidth on demand.

To this foundation, we add security to combat today’s rapidly evolving cyberthreats, voice, data and network analytics, compliance services and a variety of cloud-based communications services.

All from NetFortris. All secure and customizable. And all to tailored to meet the specific compliance and regulatory challenges you face every day.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Worried about data security, analytics and compliance with Dodd-Frank, SEC and other regulations? NetFortris solutions fit together perfectly to address the unique challenges of today’s financial service providers.

Our advanced call recording and analytics let you meet Dodd-Frank regulations, while our network security and system analytics protect your data and monitor your resources.




As a healthcare provider, you’ve got more than network infrastructure to worry about. NetFortris delivers network and security services for voice, data, video and other applications that meet and exceed HIPAA requirements.

With NetFortris as your business communications partner, your patient information is protected while your staff members have ready, reliable access to critical information.


Retail & Restaurants

Retail & Restaurants

Need to ensure PCI compliance on every payment, while expanding your opportunities beyond traditional brick-and-mortar boundaries? NetFortris’ PCI-certified solutions can deliver, from the network all the way to the cloud.

Secure, PCI-compliant voice, data and video communications are essential for multi-site enterprises like retailers and restaurants. NetFortris services meet the security, analytics and compliance requirements of both, protecting customer and business data while offering new opportunities for revenue growth.




Today’s enterprise needs scalable, customizable solutions for voice and data that can safely traverse the boundaries of the traditional office. NetFortris solutions work seamlessly to extend your reach to the contact center, the mobile employee and beyond.

NetFortris delivers enterprise-class solutions that integrate scalable cloud PBX and IP phone systems, public and private networking, secure Wi-Fi, sophisticated analytics, business applications and more.


Our customers solved their communications needs with NetFortris. You can, too.

“Since we knew we’d have a lot more salespeople in other states, we needed a phone system that could be packed and shipped to their remote office and then all the salesperson would need to do is plug it into their Internet to start working immediately. VoIP provided a cost-effective solution for controlling pricing on all our calls plus provided a reliable solution that worked in every state within the United States.”

- Wayne Kaufman, IT Manager

“We selected NetFortris as our partner to upgrade our voice and data networks. Now connecting our retail stores, our training camp, and our corporate headquarters and fulfillment office is a breeze.”

- MATTHEW PASCO, Sr. Director of IT, The Oakland Raiders

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about NetFortris is partnership. We are a privately held large but-small company in Kentucky, with a great brand and a high presence. Our locations are high-volume convenience stores located in six states that need partners, not just a vendor.

- David Caudill, Thorntons

"Fonality has also shown their commitment to delivering exceptional service and we’ve been so impressed with the responsiveness and follow through - they are a truly reliable partner."

- Larry Meli, VP of Fan Experience and Ticket Operations

“When we buy technology, it can’t be a loss-leader. The phone has to be a profit center for us. That was difficult with the huge capital expenses of our previous systems. With Fonality, we’ve been able to prove the business case and get into a cost recovery mode. We’ve been very impressed by Fonality’s responsiveness and quick resolution. That helps us respond to our customers and exceed their expectations, which is what we always try to do.”

- Bill Garnett, Chief Knowledge Officer


No matter how security-conscious your industry, NetFortris has the pieces to put your business communications together, creating one seamless big picture.