Case Studies

Hospice By The Bay “Being a CFO, I didn’t just look at the monthly bill, but the total cost over the life of the contract. And since they handle all of the network, I don’t have to worry about big expenses like switches…it’s their responsibility now, not mine. They were more expensive than what we had, but they have saved us more in the long run by far, and not having to carry a 24/7 staff member is a big savings. Now I’ve got a 24/7 team. In the past, if that person was sick or on vacation, I was in big trouble!” -Denis Viscek, Chief Financial Officer, Hospice by the Bay Hospice by the Bay Background • Founded in 1975, non-profit • Second oldest hospice in the United States • 4 locations, 290 employees Challenges • Eliminate ongoing maintenance of existing on-premise PBX • Reduce voice & data network costs • Connect mobile care takers to employees at HQ & regional offices Solution • Cloud PBX with Mobile Integration • MPLS & Internet for HQ & all locations