About NetFortris

About NetFortris and Fonality, now part of NetFortris

NetFortris has consistently focused on providing reliable, secure and highly customizable managed communications solutions to mid-market and enterprise customers delivering our cloud solutions over secure connections leveraging NetFortris' Internet and local loop, MPLS, SD WAN, Wi-Fi and backup 4G networks. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric culture, consultative approach to customers’ communications needs and five-star concierge service.

In February 2017, NetFortris acquired Fonality, one of the top 10 hosted IP telephony and UCaaS providers in North America. The acquisition was aimed to augment NetFortris’ market presence through the addition of Fonality’s large installed base as well as enhance its solutions portfolio with certain advanced features and capabilities.

Founded in 2004, Fonality is a next-generation software-based communications solutions provider. Using open-source technologies, Fonality has developed a software-based IP telephony system that can be deployed in a variety of ways, including in the cloud, on premises (a unique hybrid model), or as independent software for partners. In all deployment models, management and administration is handled remotely through cloud-based portals, with on-premises deployments providing a local server to enable multiple connectivity options. Fonality remotely monitors all systems and automatically updates software for all communications solutions residing in the cloud.


NetFortris is committed to building long-lasting, productive relationships with each customer.

The dedication of our system designers, customer support technicians, and engineering staff enables us to design, implement, and maintain cost-effective solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer. NetFortris delivers consistent services centered around five principles:

1. Technology Expertise

Our best-in-class network, communications, and infrastructure technologies are delivered efficiently via the cloud. Hardware, software, and infrastructure products are constantly upgraded and maintained at no additional cost. Clients can know that their solutions are current and designed for optimal performance and reliability. 

2. Security

Our secure private network, state-of-the-art hosted firewalls, secure UCaaS, and specialized applications all have integrated security features. These solutions make it easy to manage a secure environment that protects sensitive corporate data, simplifies compliance, and keeps businesses safe. 

3. Reliability and Performance

Our network delivers five-nines (99.999%) reliability with built-in redundancy, failover, and constant network monitoring to ensure connectivity, performance, and scalability.

4. Dedication to Service

Our dedicated account team delivers solution expertise and service. Their knowledge and commitment ensures that your communications infrastructure operates reliably, solving support issues quickly and efficiently with open lines of communication between your team and ours. 

5. Flexibility

We partner with clients to design, customize, and implement solutions to meet their specific needs, always creating the communications and business infrastructure that is right for them. Our product configurations are flexible and our approach is creative.