FONdamental Learning Webinars

We welcome you to join our 'FONdamental Learning Series' webinars.  The main focus of these weekly 15-30 minute sessions is to provide an overview of topics may challenge customers on the path to becomming a seasoned Fonality Admin Guru.  Our goal with this program is to make your life easier and speed up the learning curve.

We would be honored to have you join us this week and the weeks to follow.  There will be a question and answer session at the conclusion of the presentation hosted by Fonality Support Management.  There is no cost for supported clients to attend.  If you can't join us live, you can review previously recorded FONdamental Learning Webinars at your convienence.

Basic Call Menu Setup

In this webinar, we configure a basic all sequence menu.   We will learn how to navighate through menus and how to add basic actions to our call sequence.

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Advanced Call Menu Setup

This webinar focused on adding more functionality to your call sequence by building on top of the basic call menus.  We cover variable work schedules, route calls by number dialed or caller-id, and a demonstration on blocking malicious callers from ever reaching your system.

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IP Phone Initial Setup

In this weeks webinar, we cover the basic details you should know about your Polycom or Yealink devices.  We go into detail about phone specifics, and basic information you need to get them working.

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Introduction to Groups and Permissions

This is to serve as a introduction to one of the more difficult facits of your Fonality system, groups and permissions.   We cover how users can belong to many groups to gain additional permissions, but a user can be in only a single department.  

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VoIP Networking 101

Want to master the networking basics of VoIP?  This webinar will uncover the basics of VoIP networking for your Fonality System. The key to success with VoIP is a flawless network. 

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User Control Panel Overview

Take a tour of the User Control Panel for your Fonality System.  We will show you three ways to log into your User Panel, update your HUD contact information, review call logs, check call recordings, and cover an Amazing feature called Find Me, Follow Me.

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Reporting 101

Come along with us while we go over the reporting engine included with your Fonality system.  We will cover the capabilities of your Call Detail Records (CDR) and Automatic Call Distributer (ACD) reporting (otherwise known as Queues).  We will touch on a few senarios where reporting is utilized in the business world today.

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Presenter Spotlight - David Brown

As the Director of Technical Training, David has a passion for all things Fonality.  David's goal with the Fondamental Learning Webinar Series is to help shine some light on topics that regularly present challenges for new Fonality Administrators.  David has a Bachloer's degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Networking and Telecommunications from the University of Phoenix along with various professional hardware and networking certifications. Currently he resides in sunny Los Angeles, CA with his wife and multiple pets.

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