Posted by David Scult

Tags: Phones & UC

Hello Everyone,

I usually try to share information about VoIP and business phone solutions that’s fairly agnostic, but I have some news about the Fonality Mobile solution that’s too exciting not to share.

Today we announced the release of the Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile solution, an enhanced version that literally brings the environment of a contact center “on the go.”   The solution is intended to allow users to stay seamlessly connected through call routing, the integrated company directory, the ability to manage call queues, manage emails and instant message chats all from their mobile devices. 

One of our customers recently began using HUD Mobile to help him stay connected with his employees at his wine distribution company.  While he was in Europe selecting wines to add to his inventory, he could easily collaborate with his team back in Florida to make quick decisions, make that wine available online and sell out the same day. No joke.  Imagine what it could do for your business?

I recently learned from a real estate study that 65% of customer calls go to a voicemail and 80% of those same callers immediately go to a competitor if they go to voicemail. Whether you’re a business of 2, or 200, today’s need to be on the move yet 100% engaged is an absolute necessity to stay competitive

Never miss another call, stay fully engaged, and always have visibility of what’s going on in your office, even if you’re halfway across the globe.

This is worth a look.