Posted by David Scult

With the start of the baseball season, I was pleased to see that some of the "mid-market" teams like Diamondbacks, Reds, and Tigers are among the preseason favorites right along with the big guys like the Yankees (I admit, I’m a Yankees fan). I can’t help but think of the book (and movie) Moneyball, which clearly demonstrated that big isn’t always better.


While most SMBs and entrepreneurs want to grow, they actually resist the big, corporate way of doing things. No matter how big they do grow, they want to stay nimble and innovative—the things that made them successful in the first place. They know the only real way to get big is to act small. Stay agile. Remain flexible. Save money.


I can’t help but draw a comparison to the Oakland A’s and the tactics they used in Moneyball to all SMBs in any industry. We must think differently. We must take on the “big guys” by taking a different approach to the game. Money doesn’t always buy success. It’s about doing more with less. Always swing for the fences, but take every base you can.


In the spirit of the entrepreneur, the most important thing we can do is to throw out the old rulebook. The Oakland A’s proved this theory when they carefully put together the team in 2002 to rival the Yankees. And they did it with about a third of the payroll. Now every team in baseball plays “moneyball”…even the Yankees.