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One of the questions support gets asked the most is “Why is my phone number not going to my auto attendant?”, and it's almost always a DID issue. What is a DID? A DID or Direct Inward Dial is a number assigned to a specific extension on your Fonality system. Calling this number will reach only the phone it is assigned to, completely bypassing any auto attendant you may have in place. It is important to note that numbers not acting as a DID, that is numbers that are unassigned (not assigned to an extension) with automatically go to the auto attendant.


To check to see if you have a DID assigned go to your server's control panel, mouse over extensions and click “extension status”. If there is a number in the Direct Dial column of an extension, that phone number has been assigned as a direct dial for that extension. To remove that phone number as a DID, click on the extension number and look for the “Inbound Phone Number” drop down box. Setting the “Inbound Phone Number” drop down box to none and clicking “upadate extension” at the bottom will remove that DID from the extension.


There are sometimes however that you want to assign a phone number as a direct dial to an extension. To assign a number as a DID for an extension simply select a number from the “Inbound Phone Number” drop down box in the extension's details page. For more information on how to assign and remove DIDs from extensions visit our help site here. If you have any more questions or want to learn more about your Fonality system visit for helpful troubleshooting tips and guides!


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