Hi, I'm David Scult, Fonality's new CEO

 Hi, I'm David Scult.

I will be responsible for leading and driving Fonality to the next level, building on the foundation they have all worked to create this past year.

Prior to my appointment as CEO of Fonality, I served as General Manager of Microsoft – Office 365.  I have also held leadership positions at companies including Lotus Development Corp, IBM Software Group, Radnet and Groove Networks.

It seems like the first blog post from most CEO’s sometimes just look like glorified resumes. Well, I’d like to share a little on what’s beneath the surface.   Right after I signed on the dotted line, I was asked to answer eight questions from the employees of Fonality.  I believe this will give you more information into who I am and what I plan to do with Fonality. 

  1. What is your top priority at Fonality in the first 30 days as CEO?
    • My first priority is to really get to know the team and learn from them what has worked best and what hasn’t over the past several months, so I can build upon their collective experience.
  2. What enticed you to take on the CEO position at Fonality?
    • Most CEO opportunities for earlier stage companies are turnaround situations.  Fonality is in a really healthy place, poised for explosive growth in an exciting market.  The resiliency Fonality demonstrated is spectacular.  That was probably the deciding factor for me.
  3. Apple or Android?
    • I bought an iPad when I left Microsoft and then attended a conference where Google gave out Motorola Zooms.  I probably use the iPad 90% of the time (Angry Birds), but still like my Window’s 7.5 smartphone.  I will have a MacBook for my Fonality computer and I’ll use an HP TouchScreen for my home PC.  This split personality lets me test software across many devices and operating systems.
  4. How have your past experiences shaped you for success in this role?
    • I have spent about half of my career at three different start-ups (Market Guide, Radnet and Groove) and half at larger companies (Lotus, IBM and Microsoft).  The consistent theme for all of my experiences has been being part of a software leadership team that has driven significant growth across a variety of businesses, industries and market segments.
  5.  If you could have one super-power, what would it be?
    • The ability to fly as I have earned over a million frequent flier miles and all those hours in airports could have been spent on more enjoyable and productive activities.
  6. Where do you see our industry heading over the next five years?
    • More and more companies will go to the cloud for voice and UC solutions.  Many information workers will replace their traditional PC’s and phones with tablets, slates and smartphones.
  7. How would you define success for Fonality?
    • Over the next 2-3 years, become the dominate provider of contact center VoIP solutions     for SMBs.
  8. What’s your favorite motivational quote?
    • “Out of clutter, find Simplicity.  From discord, find Harmony.  In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

I hope you enjoyed that!

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