Posted by David Scult

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Hi Everyone,

It's been almost two months since I joined Fonality. Since then, the thing I've enjoyed most about my job and this company is getting to know our customers.

Although our goal at Fonality is to bridge distances, strengthen relationships and enhance productivity through technology, I must admit sometimes there is no substitute for a good old fashioned face-to-face meeting.

So I hopped on a plane – or three – put some miles on the rental car and visited a few Fonality customers and partners.

What I appreciated most about these personal interactions are the stories and details that might otherwise be left out.

For instance, in New Jersey, I met with a customer that employs more than 100 people in five locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Last year, their corporate headquarters suffered from severe flooding after the remnants of a hurricane drenched northern New Jersey. Although the company recovered from the damage, it realized their business might benefit by switching over to a Dedicated Hosted implementation. I was happy to learn that because Fonality offers flexible deployment models, this customer didn’t miss a beat during the transition. Their success continues, and because of that, they’re actually considering joining the Fonality Partner Program as a reseller. To me, that speaks volumes.

One customer, a non-profit organization who assists individuals with disabilities and life challenges, is living proof of Fonality’s potential to grow with a business. With more than 1,100 users in 20 locations, this customer is extremely happy with their collaborative contact center features. They are now very eager to adopt other Fonality innovations such as HUD Mobile and HUD Web and integration their web presence with their phone queues.

In Andover, Massachusetts (a place I hold dear to my heart after being a resident for 15+ years), a Fonality partner with close to 20 years of experience in communications and VoIP chose to work with Fonality over any other business communications provider.

There are many more stories here. I wish I could tell you about all of them. And although each story was different, they did share a few things in common – each one had a strong vision for the future, each one wanted to remain agile and competitive in the marketplace through the use of technology, and each one had a strong loyalty to Fonality  (Several of the customers had been using Fonality for 6+ years at multiple companies). I’m proud that we earned it.

In this industry, like many others, no news is usually good news, and it’s so easy to get jaded by only hearing the negative. That’s why this trip felt like such a success.  I want to hear more success stories. I want to continue meeting customers face-to-face and work with those who are looking for ways to build on their success.

So do me a favor and tell me your Fonality success story, and maybe I’ll hop on a plane to visit you next (or by car when in Dallas, LA, or Seattle).


David Scult

CEO, Fonality