A business phone system from Fonality is designed to help the small and medium sized business workforce stay connected to their office phones and take calls anywhere, anytime.  But sometimes, calls simply have to go to voicemail if you’re in an important meeting, or in a noisy airport, or on a plane. For today’s workers who are always on-the-go, catching up on voicemails can be a hassle.

That’s why today I’m very excited because Fonality announced the second release in the Fonality 5 innovation series – Voicemail Transcription.

Now, Fonality customers can simply read their voice messages on their PC, smartphone or tablet via SMS text or email.  So even if you’re stuck in that meeting, rushing through an airport, or flying on a wi-fi equipped plane, you can instantly read your voicemail to see who called, what they said, and forward the message to co-workers.  You don’t have to take notes or write down phone numbers. It’ll save you loads of time.

Some other benefits of Fonality Voicemail Transcription include:

  • Get the information you need faster
  • Return customer calls in a fraction of the time
  • Read voicemails on any device including PC/Mac, smartphones, and tablets
  • Archive and search for important voicemails by keywords and names
  • Choose between English or Spanish

See how much time you can save with a 30-day free trial.

Learn more about what voicemail transcription can do for you in our press release.