Social networks provide huge opportunities to marketers to nurture long-term relationships with customers. It’s now self-evident that popular social websites offer paths for consumers to interact with one another and with brands, and companies need to be taking advantage of them.

"Companies like Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and LinkedIn, and even Reddit, have changed - forever - the ways that people communicate with one another and the ways they share all kinds of information, including advertising," Jim Belosic recently wrote in CMS Wire.

There are numerous ways social media networks can provide a path to better customer relationship management (CRM), according to Belosic. For one, they help companies create marketing campaigns that are more relevant. Social sites offer companies insight into their customers - what their behaviors, likes and dislikes are. This information will make it easier for marketers to better target consumers, offering specific promotions to customers based on their wants and needs, as expressed through social media.

Social media marketing strategies to consider
A recent Business 2 Community article stated that social CRM is becoming more popular for marketers. However, companies need to remember that CRM is about more than just having a social network account - they need to keep these accounts active by continuously posting fresh content to drive consumer interactions. Social CRM is about using Facebook and Twitter and other social networks to "listen to your customers and connect with them," the article stated.describe the image

  1. Don’t miss the boat on check-in sites: Everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter, and Pinterest may be the hottest new social network, but don’t forget about check-in sites like Foursquare. These sites are a great way to target messages and promotions to users based on their location.Here are three strategies to consider to create more robust engagement with social media users (follow links for even more bright ideas):
  2. Use plug-ins to take a blog to the next level: Graphic designer Ross Kimbarovsky says using plug-ins like TweetMeme can make blog content more shareable, but it’s important not to go overboard and make the blog too cluttered.
  3. For B2B companies, address the customers of your customers: Blogger Sunny  odriguez of ZOG Digital explained: “An example is when we transformed a client’s conversations about their products (in this case orange beverages) into popular conversations around the customers’ health and wellness (customer centric).” Rodriguez said this approach drove consumer demand for the product, which translated to more revenue from the beverage company’s direct sales customers.