There are a lot of exciting firsts for businesses. Your first product, your first sale, your first website, and your first phone system (What can I say. It’s what we do here). Today, we are proud to announce a first for Fonality, our first eBook. And we think it’s pretty cool.

The title of our first eBook is, “Growing a Small Business Takes a Big-Business Approach to Communications.” When we sat down to write this, we reviewed some of the business challenges we wanted to address:describe the image

1)      Improving Customer Service

2)      Increasing Employee Productivity

3)      Gaining Customer Visibility

So what is a successful way to tackle these business challenges? Contact center technology. While most businesses don’t think of themselves as contact centers, most can benefit by implementing a contact center solution. For example, would you think of an insurance agency as a contact center? Probably not. Included in this eBook is a case study of how contact center features helped a North Carolina insurance agency experienced massive growth.

So if you’re looking to increase your business productivity and curious how in the world a contact center solution could do that, download our free eBook. Like I said, it’s pretty cool.