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Unified communications is a term that seems to be used everywhere, but what are the benefits? Here are four of the reasons why companies are adopting unified communications solutions.

fourTo go green 

A study commissioned by the Carbon Disclosure Project showed that by adopting video conferencing technology, U.S./U.K. businesses could cut carbon dioxide emissions by 5.5 million metric tons and benefit the economy to the tune of $19 billion by 2020, according to the environmental daily trade publication Environmental Leader.


To improve employee satisfaction

“Companies are wanting to reduce travel, not just for the footprint that it leaves, but also for employee satisfaction,” consultant David Kaufman said at this time last year, according to Mother Nature Network. What he said still rings true for 2013. He said UC is part of the total package that enterprises are looking for: “They’re not making employees travel if they don’t need to. We’re also seeing remote location - telecommuting - becoming more popular... It’s all tied together: quality of life, less travel, corporate social responsibility, the environment."


To boost productivity

Workers don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to connect with each other thanks to the many easy options for communication – including VoIP phone calls, instant messaging and screen sharing - made possible through UC. With less time wasted on ineffective, inefficient communication, companies can boost their productivity levels exponentially by implementing a unified communications solution.


To save money

With traditional phone lines in place, phone bills can vary greatly from month to month. These landline systems can also be expensive to set up, and it can be very costly to build out the system to accommodate business growth. A cloud-based solution like Fonality’s can cut these types of costs by up to 50 percent. With the system hosted in the cloud, there’s very little capital expenditure up front, and it’s easy to scale up as the workforce grows thanks to a pay-per-user payment model.


These reasons are by no means exhaustive – there are more than four reasons to opt for unified communications – but we’ll keep. Still, if you own a small or growing business and haven’t already adopted a hosted communications system, keep this list in mind. Implementing UC could be the best business decision you make in 2013.