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Managers looking to save money this year on communication costs are inBYOD luck. UC Strategies recently hosted a podcast with a number of Unified Communications experts on the outlook for UC. One of the expert panelist stated that he predicts the market for unified communications systems will be at its highest throughout 2013. In a Podcast interview with the source, the expert stated he believed that next year it will become "widely apparent that voice communications can no longer be a standalone business system."

He added that he believes the systems will be adopted among various sized companies. From enterprises to small- to medium-sized businesses, there's no doubt that unified communications and VoIP systems are an effective way to increase productivity and reduce communication spending.

"[...] Obviously this trend has been apparent for some time, I mean cellphones and other mobile devices have siphoned off huge volumes of formerly PBX-based traffic," he stated. "Peer-to-peer communication volumes are also ramping up of course."

By implementing a UC system and using a single network, companies can also introduce their employees to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, which are becoming more popular. While not all companies have chosen to have such a program, some experts predict the trend is on the rise.

According to Fierce Mobile IT, a recent survey conducted via Twitter by a mobile software provider showed that more than two-thirds of companies use their personal devices at work, however only about of one-third of respondents said their offices had a BYOD program in place. The vice president of business development and marketing for the firm who conducted the survey said companies should be putting more of a focus on BYOD programs that meet specific needs for the business.

"The next important step is to communicate the policy to employees and make sure that they understand their rights and the rights of the company," he added. "Defining and managing a BYOD strategy that protects the security of the employee and the employer will keep companies competitive in the market by creating a mobile workforce."

A unified communication solution can provide companies with the tools employees need to stay productive on their mobile devices as well as ensure network data stays safe. Check out what Fonality Heads Up Display can do for your business.