Posted by Jeff Valentine

I was thinking recently about our technology at Fonality - we've certainly got some cool stuff. While the rest of the world is just waking up to the possibilities (this WSJ article on UC a couple of days ago is an example), we've had a production system with lots of bells and whistles for years. But what makes Fonality different from the competition? And is it possible to have a solution that works for multiple industries? Here are just a few of the reasons that give Fonality an advantage over the rest:

  • Business Impact: Everyone wants dial-tone, and everyone we compete with offers it. "Yes, Ms. Buyer, when you pick up the phone you can make or receive a call." So we can't differentiate there. "But did you know that Fonality can actually help your sales team sell more? Because you can use our contact-center-enabled system to track talk time, average number of calls, and other stats so easily, your sales managers will be able to help improve the lower performers and reward the top performers." Or maybe it's your customer service team, better able to satisfy customers because their calls were handled quickly by the most skilled person available, that ends up pleasing your clients so much that your sales team gets more referral leads.  

  • Bundled is Better: Years ago, printer manufacturers would sell their dot matrix printers without a parallel printer cable - you had to go to Radio Shack if you wanted to actually use that new printer on your Apple GS. What a rotten customer experience.  So why would a customer want to buy a UC system from a vendor that forces its customers to go buy necessary components from someone else? When you get it all from the same place, you know it will work together. Because Fonality has a PBX that works with integrated presence, live chat, voicemail to email, email transcription, audio conferencing, and more, we bring the value of a bundle to our customers and save them the hassle of going out to by that off-beige printer cable from someone else.

  • Hybrid Hosted: Anyone can go buy a phone system that sits on their premise, and anyone can go buy a hosted VoIP system that sits in the cloud, but no one else in the galaxy provides a hybrid system that puts voice anywhere but delivers all UC features from the cloud. Businesses who want to keep their local telco or are in telecom contracts can just as easily move to Fonality as customers who want everything off their LAN except desk phones. We're empowering our customers with a choice for their voice. (OK, that was cheesy, but you get the idea.)


These are just a few of the reasons that make Fonality stand out. What is it for your business?  As you think about it, make sure you focus on your differentiators rather than the standards for your industry. Take what is standard, add your advantage, and take your business to the next level.StandingOut