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Every business, even the smallest startup, has significant communications concerns to deal with. This is especially true for insurance companies. Consider what an insurer may have to deal with in the event of a minor fender bender on a local road: The insurance company would need to at minimum talk with and send documents to both parties involved in the crash and the local police force. However, depending on the severity of the incident, that same insurer may need to be in contact with a healthcare provider, state and federal regulatory bodies and maybe even a car manufacturer. What might start as a simple talk between two drivers can quickly become a scenario with lots of paperwork and conversations.

Keep Costs Manageable

In addition, insurers are like every other business in America in that they need to be mindful of the bottom line at all times. No organization is immune from budgetary woes and the need to keep costs low. Luckily, advanced communication technologies are far cheaper than their legacy counterpart. For example, Fonality's VoIP solutions are approximately 50 percent more cost effective than anything you can get from a landline phone provider.

Stay on the Same Page

Just imagine all of the possibilities that would be available to insurance companies if they had VoIP and UC systems in place. Instead of having to fax over documents, insurers can use screen share technology or other advanced document sharing features to make sure all involved parties could see and potentially access the same information. For example, when reviewing policy information with a customer, it can be helpful to initiate a screen sharing session to walk through the document together.

The positives are not just limited to UC, as VoIP dramatically helps insurers as well. These companies have to be on the phone all the time, regardless of location. With VoIP, all of those calls - even international communications - are cost effective and clear. Nothing is worse than hearing the wrong information on a phone call, and the clarity found in Fonality's business VoIP solutions ensures that all communications are as effective as possible.

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