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In the minds of many business owners, the call center seems as antiquated as the oldSwitchboard switchboard. However, I think the real reason this notion still exists is that too many companies cling to old models and outdated technology. By upgrading to Fonality's contact center solutions, organizations can realize significantly more benefits from their customer communication strategies.

For starters, the main problem with a call center is its name. Sure, telephones used to be the primary means of talking with a company, but the internet and smartphones have made that paradigm obsolete. Today's customers use everything from cell​phones and email to Facebook and Twitter to reach out to a business, so companies need to take more into account than just telephones. That's why we here at Fonality call it a contact center. Clients have a wide variety of communications mediums at their disposal, and businesses need to keep pace.

Benefits of Fonality's contact center solutions
While this all sounds swell, implementing such a comprehensive system seems like a daunting undertaking for most growing companies. With Fonality's VoIP and unified communications solutions, a quality contact center is a realistic possibility. Just imagine what your company can do when a customer service representative can easily access up-to-date information on a desktop or mobile device while making crystal clear calls to concerned clientele. Or, envision how efficient a contact center can be with automatic call routing, unlimited queues, call recording and agent-based reporting.

Of course, companies with smaller budgets may look at all those positives and shudder to think how much such a system would cost. However, Fonality's contact center solutions are more affordable and cost effective than you might think. Our customers reduce related costs by about 23 percent while increasing productivity by 14 percent thanks to us. Considering that customers are willing to pay 20 percent more for the goods and services provided by a business with quality customer service, you may be losing money by not adopting our systems.

So what are your waiting for? No matter your budget or size, Fonality has the contact center solution that is ideal for you.