VoIP and UC: The Communications Tools That All Startups Should Use

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No matter the size of the business, all companies have core concerns like reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Another major issue confronted by any organization is the need to make external and internal communications more effective.

Some startups foolishly believe that communications-related concerns do not matter to them. After all, they say, shouldn't a startup focus more on gaining capital and market share over anything else? While there is a kernel of truth in that statement (just a small kernel though), the truth of the matter is that all startups need to have a quality communications infrastructure in place if they are ever to succeed.

For example, consider how communications can boost a startup's chances at gaining capital and investors. Some businesses that are just starting out need more than a local bank loan to get operations off the ground. Small business people need to attract investors that could be located across the country or on the other side of the world even, and a quality system - like those offered by Fonality - can ensure that talks run smoothly.

Different types of available small business communications technologies
Now that we have hopefully established the why, let's delve deeper into the what. There are so many tools available on the market that some startups may have trouble deciding which solutions are right for them. My first recommendation is that all businesses look into a VoIP system. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, which is just a fancy way of saying it's a telephone that uses the web instead of legacy phone lines to make calls. There are many benefits of VoIP, including that it is far more cost effective than legacy systems, it makes and takes crystal clear calls and it is easy to scale the solution as your startup grows.

Startups looking for a more robust solution can turn to a unified communications (UC system). By leveraging UC, small firms can have all of their communications needs - phone, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, screen sharing, etc. - supported by one powerful solution.

No matter what type of solutions a start-up elects to use, whether a VoIP system or a more robust UC implementation, small businesses should turn to Fonality to make sure they are getting the best possible tools at the best prices.