How Fonality Increased My Agency's Productivity

Posted by Michael Glick

As an insurance agency owner, my telephone is the lifeline to my business, and upgrading to a VoIP solution is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. If you’re an agency owner, and haven’t looked into VoIP technology, what are you waiting for? Embracing new technology is a struggle for many, including myself. I am not a technology savvy person, in fact, I’m pretty old school. Until recently, I was doing most of my marketing through the yellow pages. At a recent meeting, I was overwhelmed when the topic about of the latest technology and social media marketing practices came up. These practices are changing the way we do business, and we need to start using them. The big question was where to begin? Just know you don’t have to do it all at once. Start where you can make the biggest impact.

I decided to start with our phone system.

A colleague told me about Fonality’s VoIP phone system and the success he was having, and I was impressed when I saw a demo of the capabilities and features they offered.

Our 10 offices communicate today like we’re one office. Every agent is automatically logged in daily to our company-wide phone system directory and everyone can view the entire agency directory in real-time. If you have a question for someone in the office or at another location, we use our secure chat to send a quick note and get an immediate response. You have no idea how much wasted time we’ve recovered because we don’t have to wait for returned emails or phone calls. We can solve customer issues in seconds today, which means we’re delivering exceptional customer service, which is critical to our success. The insight we have allows us to maneuver calls more efficiently, and gives our customers the accessibility they desire. We can see when agents are in meetings, away at lunch, or on a call and handle calls appropriately by moving the call into voicemail, sending to cell phone, or to another agent to assist, all with a click of a button. Forwarding calls to cell phones or home phones when necessary is also piece of cake for agents, since every agent has control of their personal settings. Each agent is able to manage their business communications more effectively, which benefits the entire organization.

As an agency owner, I can see the productivity of the entire company in real-time or pull call reports that show detailed call metrics like inbound/outbound call volumes, missed calls, length of calls, and more which keep me informed at all times. Before, agents would tell me about how busy they were, and now I can see exactly how busy they are.  When I see a sea of blue on my screen, which means agents are not on the phone, I can send out a message to see what’s going on. Our missed call volumes have decreased tremendously, so we’re not leaving business on the table for competitors. We’ve reduced our billing call volume by 40%, so agents aren’t using selling time to answer billing question. Our auto attendant menu’s first option routes customers directly to billing. We’ve also seen a savings in overhead costs by $100k because we’re able to be more flexible with remote agents. Because they are seamlessly tied into the rest of the agency through our phone system, an office space is not a requirement. The list goes on and on, but hopefully you get the point. VoIP phone technology can change your business, and you should think seriously about how your agency communicates today and if you could see your agency benefiting from advanced features I mentioned.

My immediate recommendation to you is to do your research. Make sure you evaluate the providers closely, and ensure they provide features like those I’ve mentioned. For me, Fonality was the way to go, and I think if you do your research, you’ll understand why.