These days, small businesses have a whole host of concerns to deal with, whether they are looking to cut costs or increase efficiency. Of course, underlying many of these concerns is communications. After all, it's hard for an organization to get anything done if employees are unable to effectively pass along their ideas or feedback!

However, once a business finally realizes how important communications is, the real battle has just begun. From there, decision makers must figure out what solution is best suited for their needs. While there are many options now available to companies, one that many smaller firms may not look into initially is a cloud-backed system. By embracing a hosted solution though, companies may be able to dramatically reduce the amount they spend on their communications framework while also being more efficient.

What is the cloud anyway?
One of the biggest trends in technology and IT today is the cloud, but it's possible that you have no idea what the cloud is beside those fluffy white things in the sky. When we at Fonality talk about the cloud, we are referring to a system in which your communications solution is supported by a remote data center. So instead of your fax, email and phone relying on an in-house infrastructure, all of your systems are off site and are accessed via a high speed internet connection.

This type of setup offers a number of distinct advantages. For starters, considering that the bulk of a communications system is not maintained by on-premise teams, the amount of money that a small business needs to pay to install and maintain its solution is dramatically reduced. Fonality's cloud-hosted solutions start at just $30.

Cloud-based systems are also typically more reliable. When businesses rely on legacy solutions, they must hope that phone lines don't cut out and that on-premise equipment doesn't break down. With hosted setups, your top tier internet connection (hopefully your company has a quality connection!) powers everything.

This approach then enables businesses to further leverage their internal and external communications to combine multiple formats. When the internet is responsible for all modes of communication, it's much easier to integrate phone, email, instant messaging and screen sharing capabilities in one implementation. For example, imagine being able to have voicemails forwarded to your email inbox or to follow up on a chat with a screen share - with hosted collaboration systems, this can be your reality.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to a Fonality representative today to learn about our cloud-based solutions and about how we can help your small business succeed!