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Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD) is a robust unified communications tool. So much so that there's many features people don't even realize they have! These are the little features that collectively make HUD something really special, so lets take a look at some:

Sending a call to someone's voicemail: You can send a call directly to someone's voicemail using HUD if you know they're not available at the moment, but don't want to have their phone ringing and maybe interrupt them. This is as simple as clicking and dragging the call from your contact card in the upper left, down to the voicemail icon on their contact card.

voicemail dragndrop

Adding External Contacts:  You can add or import contacts from Google Talk (default) or a variety of other Jabber-based chat clients. As with Google Talk contacts, all Jabber contacts from any platform will be imported into the group of your choosing (hint: create a new group called 'GTalk Contacts' so that you can quickly tell these people apart from other HUD users!). To add external contacts choose File --> Add external contacts from the HUD menu.



Fill out your external contact's information, select the group you would like the contact placed into and click 'Add contact.'

HUD external contacts2


Your added contact will now have to accept your invitation in Google Talk. Once the invitation has been accepted, they are available for chat and will show as available in both Google Talk and HUD. Keep in mind - TCP ports 5222 & 5269 must be open to communicate with external contacts!


Mini Personal Window- You can minimize your HUD personal window to maximize your screen real estate while providing you with an always-on-top look at HUD as well as providing you the basic HUD features at a click. To minimize your HUD personal window click the arrow next to the Help button on your HUD Menu.




Here is a breakdown of the mini personal panel.




These are just some simple features that you may have missed while using Fonality Heads Up Display, and there's many more! Look forward to more tips on Fonality Heads Up Display to come.