Posted by Jeff Valentine

GmailWhat happens to your business when email stops working?  Many businesses now rely on Google's Gmail service, and this morning, they were reminded again that even the big boys have issues sometimes.  But with the prevalence of email in today's business environment as a primary means of communication, companies in general and SMBs in particular risk grinding to a halt when email stops working.  Unified communications solutions from vendors like Fonality, however, keep businesses in business during email outages.


Our service includes something we call HUD, short for Heads Up Display. HUD is a hosted service that allows employees within a company to use live chat to communicate with their co-workers. Unlike email, HUD includes intelligent presence to detect user availability, so coworkers know whether or not someone is available to receive their HUD messages before they are even sent.  Because HUD is an integrated part of Fonality's phone system, users can initiate and receive phone calls through HUD as well using either their desk phones, mobile phones, or a built-in soft phone on their computers.

We use HUD constantly at Fonality. Walking through the office, I can hear a symphony of HUD pings coming from different cubes and offices. It’s the best way to communicate with other employees to get an immediate response, no need to wait for an email response, clogging up email inboxes, and having unnecessary meetings.  HUD helps us make better decisions faster, and honeslty, I don’t know how businesses can communicate effectively without it. 

HUD is available for Windows and Mac desktop platforms and iOS and Android mobile platforms for all Fonality customers. Get all the details on HUD here