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Every small and medium-sized business (SMB) has two sometimes conflicting concerns: Ensuring that client and customer needs are met with the highest degree of quality and professionalism while also balancing an oftentimes tight budget. Many small business owners may envy larger enterprises and their ability to spend more freely to get the best possible technologies, but it turns out that this mindset is false as far as your telephone system is concerned.

With Fonality's Hosted Business Phone System, even the smallest and thriftiest of companies can have a high quality contact and call center solution that has the same functionality and tools as the services utilized by most major firms. The key to bringing this technology to the so-called masses is the cloud.

Perhaps you've already heard about the cloud, as it is a much hyped and talked about technology in IT and business circles these days. Basically, cloud computing involves leveraging services stored in remote data centers through a quality internet connection instead of from on-site infrastructure. With a hosted phone service, this means that calling is handled remotely, so SMBs don't have to worry about making sure the telephone wiring and on-premise business branch exchange is always in top shape.

By turning to the cloud, a business can achieve all of the same benefits as a traditional phone service, but without the added costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment. So long as a company has a quality internet connection - which is something any smart business should have anyway - then they have everything they need for leveraging a hosted phone service. Fonality's plans start at $30 a month, and our monthly payment options ensure that the solution is always affordable.

Of course, price is only one part of the puzzle. One of the main benefits of a hosted solution is that it allows a business to effectively combine their phone system with other modes of communication. Your calling, email, chat, voicemail and screen sharing solutions can all be more easily interwoven when they are powered by the same technology. Just imagine your delight when you realize that not only does your budget-friendly phone solution look and sound like the systems used by major enterprises but that in fact it is likely better than what the biggest businesses are currently using. No matter what the underlying cloud technology or what kind of features it has, a hosted phone solution is the ideal choice for any SMB looking to grow and prosper.