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Nowadays, it's hard to turn on the television or open a newspaper without seeing an advertisement for the latest and greatest smartphone to come out. Often, these new releases will get some fanfare at the very beginning from the technology community and then often that particular smartphone model will lose its veneer and go back to being just another device on the market that is soon to be obsolete in a few years time. Yet, I'm continually amazed by just how powerful these phones are and by how much they've changed how business works.

You don't have to think back too long ago to consider a time when having internet access on your phone was a revolutionary idea - or even that you could carry around a phone with you in the first place! In 2013 though, the idea of not having a smartphone is almost becoming a preposterous notion, as most Fonality customers/business people we talk to every day cannot imagine being nearly as productive without their handy iOS or Android-powered device.

To put the cellphone into context, consider these statistics from the Pew Internet and American Life Project:

  • 87 percent of every American over 18 now owns a cellphone. To put that figure into perspective, in early 2012, 61 percent of U.S. adults had a laptop and 58 percent owned a desktop computer.
  • Last December, approximately 45 percent of Americans over the age of 18 owned a smartphone. Considering that this device has not been around for all that long, this dramatic increase in ownership is staggering.

To maximize smartphones, turn to VoIP
Of course, these statistics should come to no surprise to any of us, as it's just about impossible today to walk down the street without seeing someone on a smartphone for any number of reasons. In enterprise settings, smartphones are utilized for everything from emailing with clients to remotely accessing documents and calling business partners. This is all fine and dandy, but there's one feature you might not have considered before: VoIP.

Yes, smartphones are perfectly suited for VoIP calling. Considering that it is primarily a pocket-sized, handheld computer, leveraging internet telephony on your smartphone of choice is a great way to cost-effectively make clear calls from any end point.

Now, you may ask yourself why someone would even bother with VoIP when most people just opt for a standard cellphone plan. However, when you consider that cellphone coverage and data plans can be far more expensive than the actual device, the savings from VoIP are easy to realize. Plus, as the number of Wi-Fi hotspots increase - there are currently more than 137,000 in the United States and the number of hotspots globally is expected to quadruple by 2015 - it will become even easier for smartphone owners to leverage VoIP and forever be free of limiting cellular service plans.

Now that you've hopefully seen the light and are ready to embrace mobile,  check out Fonality HUD Mobile, which allows for voice over WiFi calling. It's an ideal choice for any business with on-the-go employees or a remote workforce. You can be sure that your communications can be accessed from wherever you are.