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One of the easiest steps you can take while troubleshooting a phone that isn't working is to factory flash it, in other words, to restore the default settings and allowing it to re-download configuration files from Fonality. Factory flashing your phone can fix a variety of issues with registration and incorrect configuration files, but you may be unaware of how to go about this process.

There are different ways to factory flash your phone depending on the brand of phone you have. Listed below are links to articles found in our very handy Knowledge Base. Take a moment to educate yourself or save the link for future troubleshooting!

Instructions on how to factory flash Aastra phones can be found here.

Instructions on how to factory flash Polycom phones can be found here.

Remember, Fonality's support page is a great resource for many troubleshooting and support needs regarding every product Fonality offers, so take a look!