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The new is here.

Our newly redesigned website gives visitors a clear understanding of our available features, the deployment options  and how our solutions have positively impacted our customers. Here are a few highlights of what’s new on the site.

  • What we do- Fonality offers  phone, collaboration, and contact center solutions designed to enable small businesses to work and sound like a large enterprise, but at a price that is completely affordable for small and midsize businesses. Our new website makes it easy for visitors to find all the information they need about what we offer without having to search high and low. 

  • Industries that depend on us—We love all our customers, regardless of industry.  But companies in certain industries tell us their Fonality solutions are particularly pivotal to their day-to-day success.  Those include insurance, technology, manufacturing, education, real estate and nonprofit organizations.  Our site makes it easy to learn how those customers have used business communications from us  and experienced improved customer service, increased efficiency, simplified collaboration and employee mobility.  

  • Why customers choose Fonality- We’d love to tell you how indispensable our business phone and communications systems are, but you’d probably rather hear from our customers.  Our new site features stories from our customers and about how our solutions have worked for their businesses. 

  • Cloud? Or On-Premise?- Fonality is the only VoIP phone systems provider for SMBs to offer deployment in the cloud or on-premises, so you can truly end up with the right solution for your business—and not just the only solution a provider has to offer. Our new website offer some key information on deployment options to help you decide whether a cloud-hosted or on-premise solution is the better fit for you. Fully cloud hosted solutions are affordable and easy to deploy and maintain, but some businesses need the customization options, control and reliability of on-premise systems. 

  • Let’s connect- We wanted to make sure you can  get in touch with us easily so we offer several ways to contact us. Like to chat with sales? We’ve got click to chat for those short conversations. Prefer to have us call you? Super. Schedule a call with us and one of our sales representatives can reach out to you at a time that is best for you. Just looking for a quote? No worries. Request a quote is still there.

The goal for our new site is to create a user experience that simple and informative, but provides an interactive experience as well. Throughout the site, you can find different opportunities to interact with moving parts of the site. For example, when you check out features on the home page of, click on one and watch what happens.

So what are you waiting for? Visit to see what the hype is all about.