Posted by David Scult

One of the oldest adages in business is that the customer is always right. Although adhering to this dogma can be frustrating at times, making sure that your organization is primed to meet customer needs is paramount for ensuring future success.

This is especially evident not just in terms of what is being sold, but also how the selling process unfolds. In particular, today's customers expect real-time information that caters to their lifestyle and business style. Thanks in part to the mobile device explosion - the Pew Research Center reported that as of January, 31 percent of Americans own a tablet and 45 percent have a smartphone - understanding consumer trends and meeting their peoples needs has become an exercise in targeting many devices at one time.

Here is what Forrester analyst Christine Overby​ has to say about the matter: "Look over there. See the guy in the queue flicking his mobile screen...tapping his phone on the reader, then walking out with his sandwich? He's your new customer.”

Meeting the needs of today's companies can be difficult for some, especially for businesses that may not be used to constant accessibility or to changing their way of conducting deals. However, trying to avoid the mobile device trend is almost akin to not using a PC nowadays.

While some may be scared by smartphones and tablets, smart businesspeople know to embrace this technology. For example, online businesses can tailor their websites to be mobile friendly, thus creating more ecommerce business. In addition, tablets and smartphones enable a company to always be accessible and to have an easier time communicating with customers in a way that is well suited to meet their needs.

Of course, key to a company capitalizing on mobile devices is making sure a communications infrastructure is in place that is optimized for this technology. Fonality's many state-of-the-art collaboration and communications tools - like Heads Up Display Mobile - are ideally suited for small companies looking to make smartphones and tablets more of a boost to their bottom line instead of a liability.