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Many companies talk about "customer experience management." This is because businesses want to make sure that their customers have a positive and consistent experience, whether it's with a product, a service or a customer service rep. Marketing messaging should also be consistent across platforms, from the website all the way through to the contact center customer service experience.

In contact centers especially, marketing managers shouldn't underestimate the importance of a positive customer experience. What's the point of developing a stellar advertising campaign if you're going to lose new customers because of a bad customer service experience? People are much more likely to post negative reviews online and tell family and friends about a bad experience. But a positive experience is a great chance for your company to show that it lives up to its reputation - and its marketing.

5 ways to market your company through your contact center
Now that we've established that a positive contact center experience is important to the marketing department, let's talk about the different ways that contact centers work.

Most contact centers include both inbound and outbound agents. Outbound calls are typically focused on marketing your company and producing new leads or sales. Inbound calls are usually customer service-oriented in nature and are coming from existing clients. Companies should make sure they're managing both the inbound and outbound customer experience at their contact centers.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Have a consistent message: From the wait time to the initial greeting to the way that agents talk about your brand or service, this is an important part of your marketing. Make sure that agents understand your products and your value propositions so they keep speaking knowledgeably about them. 
  2. Find the right people: Contact center agents are the representatives of your company. Find people who are passionate about your products or services and who can sell them to others. They should also be customer service-oriented, friendly and be great problem solvers.
  3. Identify targets: Make sure that your outbound calling strategies make sense. You should be targeting businesses that would benefit from your services or products, that were past customers or who have expressed an interest in your products or services. 
  4. Monitor calls: Contact center quality control is critical. If agents aren't doing their jobs well or the telecommunications technology isn't working properly, these issues need to be addressed quickly. Have periodic training programs for agents, and make sure your IT team or service provider are doing their jobs well. 
  5. Measure results: Companies should track data related to their calls so they can see when leads are converting to sales, what average wait times for customers are and other important information. After collecting data about calling efforts, it's important to analyze the results, look at what worked and adjust accordingly.

One great tool that can help you manage your call center marketing efforts is Fonality contact center solutions. Our solutions make it easier for you to monitor queues, route calls based on skills, record calls, and more.  

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