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I'm often hear some variation of the question, "Is VoIP right for me?" or "Is VoIP right for my business?" Just by taking a bit of time to observe the business habits of yourself, your employees and colleagues, it's easy to see how VoIP can work for many people in different ways. When we talk about business communications, we're discussing a cycle of continuous improvement - better communication improves business producitivty, and business productivity, in turn, boosts communication. VoIP with unified communications can also help improve business communications as a whole, because it offers multiple avenues companies can take to have meaningful interactions, all consolidated into one place. 

This isn't an official personality test, but I'm sure you can identify yourself (or people you work with) with one or some of these different VoIP user profiles:

networkerThe Networker
Some people thrive on interactions with others. These people go above and beyond the call of the duty - they're the business cheerleaders, the ones who keep everyone in the know and probably organize office trivia nights and other social gatherings. VoIP enables the networking types to easily set up phone, conferences calls, chats, and tailor notifications to be sent to the relevant personnel. Fonality's collaboration solutions feature the ability to connect with the right employees using the right method of communication. 


The Visual Learnervisuallearner
While many people can get everything they need to from a phone call, but if you're like
me, it can sometimes help to have visual aids. VoIP and UC can have videoconferencing for those who more visually inclined. Other features, like voicemail transcription, chat, and screen share cater to the visual learner. 


ChaterboxThe Chatterbox
Any big talkers out there? Business communications solutions offer different mediums to say everything that needs to be said and its unified devices ensure that no important conversations get lost. VoIP and UC solutions offer the great communicators an arena to vocalize while they and others can multitask. Private chat networks like unified messaging systems are a great way to keep people constantly connected as they go about their day, so anything that merits discussion can be easily shared without making a production of it.


The EntrepreneurEntreprenuer
For new organizations just starting out with a great business model and a skeleton crew, VoIP telephone systems can provide immediate advantages, making communication more efficient, reliable and cost-effective. One report I came across stated that seven of 10 small businesses would be using VoIP by the end of 2013. Adopting businesses no longer have to worry about the financial and housing impact of tons of communications hardware and funding an IT department to take care of it all. These users benefit from enterprise-level features at a fraction of the cost. 


HomebodyThe Homebody
Business phone solutions also benefit employees who wish to work from home on occasion. One important asset that VoIP brings mobile users is the ability to effectively route calls to business extensions set up on mobile devices. With this feature, at-home workers can make calls from home without the important client on the other line knowing that the employee is taking the call from his or her own couch. Businesses can also benefit from having less people in the office every day by reducing energy expenses, for example.

What other VoIP personalities do you have in your busienss? Which one are you?