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Marketing is vitally important for ensuring continued business growth, but that does not mean it is the only factor contributing to a company's overall success. After all, every department is important in its own right and can make or break an organization. Because of this, making sure marketing teams are able to effectively communicate with other company departments is vital.

Very often, it is easy for us marketers to get wrapped up in our own day-to-day tasks, and as a result we sometimes forget about how our actions and talents affect the bigger picture. Every one of our co-workers are working toward a common goal, and it is part of our responsibility as marketers to understand this interdependent relationship at all times.

A really good example of this can be found by looking at how the marketing department interacts with the call center. At most companies, what the marketing team has little direct effect on the contact center, and vice versa. However, this siloed approach can lead to all sorts of issues. For example, what happens when a customer calls in to the company with questions about a particular marketing campaign? Often, this leads to an obvious disconnect that will make customers and clients upset. Alternatively, marketers could accidentally hurt the company if their campaigns do not align with what call center agents have been telling clients for the past weeks.

How to make the marketing department more collaborative
As with just about everything else in marketing and the business sector, changing internal practices is often easier said than done. Many companies recognize the value of collaboration between marketing teams and other departments, but ensuring that this beneficial communication happens is another matter. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to make sure this happens:

  • Set up collaboration between sales and marketing - Although every business unit collaborates, this ought to be especially prevalent between sales and marketing because of the amount of overlap between the two fields. As with anything else, it's always best to start small and then build up after a few weeks or months. These two departments will more effectively help meet business goals when they are collaborating, and thus it makes them the best starting point for establishing new workflows.
  • Consider brands - At smaller companies that operate and oversee multiple brands, these internal divisions can limit the organization's overall health. Often, a success experienced by one brand is not properly relayed to the others. By facilitating knowledge and insight sharing between these internal brands, marketing efforts across the board will improve dramatically. For example, a successful Facebook campaign undertaken by one brand could positively impact the other - so long as everyone knows about the original campaign
  • Optimize business phone solutions and other technologies - It's not enough to just encourage collaboration between marketers and others, as everyone in the company needs to have the right tools to make sure this transfer of information occurs. The collaboration solutions offered by Fonality are ideal for making sure everyone can clearly communicate and learn from one another.

What steps has your company taken to make the marketing department more collaborative? Leave your comments below to let us know!