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Some small businesses have not yet moved over to cloud based contact centers. Hosted call centers and business phone solutions, like the ones we provide at Fonality​, can go a long way toward improving your customers' experiences and reducing overall costs, too, due to their ease of deployment and scalability. Here are three ways in which I have seen a contact center that using VoIP service and PBX systems can provide a huge upgrade over those using a standard phone line solution.

1) Faster rollout and maintenance
When you run a traditional call center, it is easy to get caught up in restrictions related to your physical location and the specific personnel and communications infrastructure at hand. These issues can slow down your initial deployment and restrict your ability to scale solutions up at later stages, which is not good for you or your customers. I recently read and agreed with Cary Bush's take on this issue in Channel Partners, in which he noted that traditional contact centers can sometimes take years to deploy properly.

In contrast, you can roll out a cloud-based contact center a lot more quickly. With a hosted call center and reliable PBX servers, the contingencies of older contact centers no longer apply. For example, you can avoid having to upgrade your telecom equipment simply to update your services, since they are hosted on a reliable cloud. All you need is a stable Internet connection and good VoIP systems. 

2) Quicker responses
In combination with the speed that cloud contact centers offer, their reliability and use of PBX make it easier to integrate the info you receive, as Bush noted in his column. Databases are unified and your customers are easier to respond to.

3) Cost reduction
By using VoIP and PBX to power your contact center, you can save money, too. You can avoid having to build out a center that is tied to a single location and infrastructure. Additionally, the VoIP market is not dominated by telecom providers. A list from Purely Innovative described the VoIP advantage as one that provided flexibility and greater control over your plan, which aligns perfectly with what Fonality provides to its VoIP customers.

Even better, the cost and convenience perks extend to employees, who benefit from mobile access and reduced calling rates. VoIP solutions let them use apps like Fonality HUD Mobile to make voice calls over Wi-Fi.

Switching to a cloud-powered call center is an efficient way to see the impact of VoIP on your customers and costs. Fonality's Hosted Business Phone System can help your business get started with the move toward a better contact center.