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There are plenty of falsities and myths surrounding cloud communications. It’s one of the most talked about topics in the business communications world. Some people believe is the biggest advancement in communications in a long time, while some are skeptical.

While every business has its own unique needs and challenges, cloud communications solutions have a lot to offer. While fully hosting your phones will get you’re the most use out of the cloud, businesses that require an on premise solution, can still benefit from cloud communication applications.

Fonality's eBook, “Taking Business Communications into the Cloud”, discusses the hot topics surrounding cloud VoIP including:

  • Cloudebook The history around the cloud and the state of the cloud today
  • What cloud VoIP can do for your business that a traditional phone system can’t
  • The different ways to use cloud for your communications
  • Common misconceptions around VoIP
  • Why businesses are switching to VoIP
  • What to look for in a VoIP provider

Curious about the cloud? Already made the switch and wanting to learn more? Hanging on to that trusty PBX? Whether or not you think cloud communications is right for your business, this eBook is a must read. Still have questions? Schedule a call with us today and one of our business communications consultants would be more than happy to discuss your needs and concerns.