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In today's social media driven world, you often hear about how Facebook should be incorporated into marketing strategies to boost business success. Facebook may be the answer for many businesses looking to increase traffic to branded websites, and there are a few ways to use it to its full extent in order to reap all of the benefits it has to offer.

1. Understand your audience
Although Facebook has been heavily used by individuals looking to keep in touch with hundreds of friends and family members simultaneously, more businesses today seek out the social network not only to promote brands and products but also to keep in contact with followers and loyal customers. By researching demographics information on competitor companies, you can see what strategies are working for them and adopt use similar approaches for your business, according to Social Media Examiner. Searching for Facebook pages on Google may also help you create an SEO opportunity when making the title and description for your own profile. As you create conversations with your customers, find out what they like or dislike about your products. While you don't want to lose anyone, constructive criticism may help make the merchandise more marketable in the long run.

2. Make it interesting
On Facebook, followers typically are looking for high quality content rather than quantity - or constant blurbs that just take up space on their news feed. The content should be spread out throughout the day, maybe up to 10 posts a day, and they should be about something the reader will consider valuable, Yasmin Bendror, owner of yMarketingMatters, wrote for Social Media Today. Posting teasers and videos about new products will create interest in them. Changing up your posts by adding a photo, video or links can help avoid having all posts look the same, making your page more viewer friendly while also drawing more attention to your business. Linking to news in your industry could also be a way to drive interest and show how it would affect your business. For example, if you sell computers and the computer market is showing a decrease, posting the article can ensure your customer that your sales remain strong. Making your posts sharable will also help expand your reach.

3. Use it to advertise
One of the top reasons that businesses join Facebook is to recruit more customers, so why not take advantage of Facebook's reach and promote your business? While your company may not have the financial resources to invest in costly television or radio advertisements, Facebook ads are an affordable alternative that are capable of reaching just as many people. While the ads are not free, they are low cost and effective, according to Mashable. Facebook has a massive audience, which will allow your ads to be seen around the world by the site's billion viewers. Promoting your page on your website, through your employees and by reaching out to bloggers could also help increase your presence and gain more fans.

While the goal is to interest more followers, you need to be sure that your are keeping up with their demand and continue to post about things that they care about. Facebook is an inexpensive medium for small businesses, and it can play an important part in any social media strategy.

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