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Why Switch to Voip?We're all the time being asked to make a short, simple case for switching over to a hosted VoIP solution. Its name may sound complicated, but reasons for switching from traditional phone setups to business phone systems are not. Simply put, VoIP lets you save money while giving you more options for your business. Additional benefits like improved mobile access, features like video conferencing and less on-premise infrastructure to maintain top things off and help you connect more seamlessly with both colleagues and customers.

1. It's more than just voice calling
VoIP isn't just about making voice calls. With hosted PBX systems and a cloud phone arrangement, there are many available avenues for enriching your business' service offerings.

Carl Weinschenk wrote a piece for IT Business Edge detailing how VoIP service is growing quickly and displacing traditional phone service. There are now over 640 million VoIP subscribers worldwide who are benefitting from the flexibility and cost effectiveness that VoIP offers to both businesses and individuals. For example, your business may need to use video conferencing to reduce travel time to in-person meetings. With a solution like the ones we provide at Fonality, you can connect more quickly via conference, no matter where you are.

2. It consolidates all of your messages
You can also use your VoIP phone system to consolidate all of your different messaging services, making it less of a hassle to manage each one separately.

Do you receive a lot of faxes, emails, voicemails or instant messages in addition to your phone calls? With a cloud-based unified communications suite, all of these different messaging services can be  centrally managed, so that neither you nor your customers have to worry about messages reaching the right recipients.

3. It simplifies device setup
At a top level, VoIP helps you to bring the power of the Internet to your older modes of communication, in turn simplifying your infrastructure. I came across a press release from Just Call the IT Guy,  which explained  that VoIP combines your high-speed Internet with your telephony infrastructure.

And that setup is usually simple in the case of VoIP. You won't need as many dedicated devices since VoIP systems use the cloud to connect and empower your devices, which may be mobile devices or standard desktop phones. Heavy maintenance costs won't drag you down.

4. You can use it anywhere
VoIP solutions have excellent mobile integration. Features like visual voicemail or voicemail-to-email so that a notification would be sent to your mobile device's email client when a call placed to your business' phone system is missed.  After that, you could use your mobile solution, such as Fonality's HUD app, to connect back with the customer right away.

5. It's easy to use

Although VoIP systems can manage a wide range of communication channels, they are still easy to install and can be easily modified as you go to incorporate different features and add extensions.

We hope those points helped answer the untimate question. Why switch to hosted voip? At Fonality, we are happy to help customers get their systems up and running, so let us know what we can do for you today!