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GogreenThere are many reasons to adopt VoIP for your business telephone communications. One of the advantages is that it's a fluid and scalable model - your company can operate using phone solutions and services tailored to your unique needs. VoIP can help you to explore every aspect of business communications for ways to improve

With that in mind, it makes sense to consider the eco-friendliness of business phone systems as part of the overall positive impact that VoIP can have on a business. Today, I want to discuss how VoIP helps enterprises decrease their environmental footprint and save money at the same time.

Increase virtual communication
The foundation of unified communications has been developing for years, as various practices like faxing, emailing and instant messaging have slowly filtered into practice, first as alternative services and later as chief modes of interaction. Going green (and saving money) with VoIP systems is simply a matter of taking the next step by integrating more business functions into one system. This step includes virtual data sharing, videoconferencing and trixbox software. Virtual communications cuts down on paper, IT hardware and physical storage needs, which can save on energy and material-related expenses.

Use virtual mobility to cut down on physical mobility
Mobility has changed the infrastructure of business telephone systems by making interaction available anywhere. Video conferencing can cut down on travel, and mobile communications can cut down on commuting - which can significantly help the environment. One study found that if half of American workers could telecommute at least part time, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 53 million metric tons, equivalent to the whole workforce in New York state never commuting again.

Develop long-term energy saving strategies
Some aspects of communications, including wireless service, aren't particularly green on their own. However, your business can make some initial decisions that may require some more energy up front but will consume less in the long run, ultimately producing a smaller environmental footprint and more savings over time. Fonality's hosted cloud telephony solutions include the IP PBX, which is a more energy-efficient PBX solution than the TDM PBX model, according to Momentum.

These kinds of green savings are particularly important for SMBs with limited start-up resources, as shown by one study, which indicated that a third of SMBs are exploring eco-friendly improvements this year. They can benefit from the beginning by using energy-saving businesses practices and communications approaches, making operations more elastic, scalable and cost-effective.