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Adoption of unified communications (UC) and VoIP service is ramping up among SMBs. Businesses need access to reliable, comprehensive solutions for voice service, email, instant messaging, in order to streamline their internal communications and also respond more quickly to their customers. Although adoption has been brisk, there's still opportunity for additional growth, especially among SMBs that need to economically scale their operations using a solution like Fonality.

There's been plenty of good news recently about UC uptake. I came across a Markets and Markets report that found that, for cloud-based UC, or UC-as-a-service, the total market is expected to reach $7.62 billion in value by 2018. That result would represent a nearly 25 percent compound annual growth rate from its $2.56 billion value in 2013.

Similarly, I saw a Trend Markets Research forecast stating that the UC market as a whole will expand 4.2 percent per year between now and 2018. Has your business already adopted a business phone system for UC? If not, the authors of the latter report made a good argument for doing so.

"Unified communications enables quicker execution and delivery of business processes, which in turn aids in informed decisions being made, coupled with enhanced collaboration across organizations," they wrote in an excerpt selected by FierceMarkets' David Weldon. "Apart from the benefits associated with unified communications, availability of high speed broadband connectivity is another factor driving this market."

That's a succinct, but broad case. Let's break it down so that we can see why UC and VoIP services, like the ones we provide at Fonality, can best serve SMB needs.

They provide video conferencing and mobile support
As the authors mention, overall Internet speeds and traffic appear to be surging. A major reason for this uptick is the use of video conferencing services as part of a UC suite. SMB employees can use their mobile devices or monitors to communicate with each other from anywhere, reducing the need for expensive travel or colocation.

Writing for Billing & OSS World, Anand Gonuguntia stated that we are moving toward an "all-IP world of next-gen business services," carried by mobile device usage and completely re-engineered IT infrastructures that make more use of the cloud. Using just their smartphones, employees can tap into a solution like Fonality HUD and stay productive on the go.

They remove the burden of hosting infrastructure on-site
For new businesses, it can be costly to set up all of the infrastructure needed to host a phone system and manage its networks. VoIP is a good way to maintain agile, high-quality communications while reducing your equipment footprint, since a service provider like Fonality provides the reliable cloud framework for your calls and messages.

They're cost-effective blogger Peter Nelis nicely summarized the VoIP advantage, stating that VoIP is not only easy to install and use, but also much less expensive than traditional landline phones.

However, SMBs looking to maximize the savings of their new systems must also take additional steps such as consolidating processes and exploring new productivity initiatives, said Joseph Williams in a conversation with Unified Communications Strategies. Fonality can give you the equipment you need to become a better business.