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One of the intelligent communications concerns that can become a roadblock to remote workforce functionality is the worry that what is gained in individual mobility will be lost in group cohesion. I'm here to say that far-flung workers can still foster a high level of business performance. It just takes some extra effort in a few areas to reap the benefits of virtual communications and support your employees' changing relationship with the office. Effective adoption will necessitate some cultural and operational changes, but I'll describe some ways you can more easily navigate that process.

Never change (everything)
One of the key things to remember about establishing a remote workforce is that, at its core, it will be the same group of people working toward the same objectives. Remote business phone systems aren't an excuse for everyone to throw away all their suits and move to different time zones just because they can. It's not going to benefit anyone in the long run to change the fundamental way of doing things. Identify elements of your business that can be improved by increasing worker mobility.

According to a recent survey, 70 percent of IT directors, CEOs and facilities managers from organizations utilizing on-premise phone systems found them lacking in areas from CRM integration to ease of management. If you feel like your legacy phone system is hampering growth, go remote.

Make home videos
Make videoconferencing a priority. Use visual voice mail. Let employees know you want to see them, even if they're not in the office. Bdaily Business News recommended giving everyone - from management to personnel to consumer - access to videoconferencing capabilities. That builds up a business culture where video is a go-to form of communication.

Create a happy medium

Organizations need to be careful that their virtual phone system doesn't sacrifice collaboration or personal initiative. Mobility helps employees feel more independent, but it's important not to lose the ability for personnel to communicate swiftly and meaningfully. No one can be successful in a vacuum. Fonality offers collaborations tools that include screen share and chat, so an employee knows that his or her colleagues are only a click away.