socialhandsSocial media is constantly changing, not only adding new networks into the mix to explore but also updating already popular social networks to match the audience's needs. Social media marketing can benefit businesses, however, it only works with a solid campaign strategy and a knowledge of the current trends that social media users are into. Here are a few of the biggest trends that could affect your organization's plans:

1. Consumers becoming marketers
One of the benefits of social media is using it to broadcast a referral program. Word of mouth marketing is still popular among many businesses to stir interest among the general population. Marketing will be turned upside down and will rely more on consumers convincing their peers to visit the organization, according to TwinEngine. Paid ads can be ignored, even by followers of the page, however, creating an incentive to spread the word, such as additional free services for doing so, can help to drive more business revenue. People are also more likely to listen to the opinion of a friend or another trusted source, so the referral campaign could create a significant positive impact.

2. Daily deals decreasing
Many consumers enjoy looking at sites where they can get great deals such as Groupon. However, 80 percent of marketers are not planning to use daily deal sites in the near future, according to Social Media Examiner's 2013 Social Media Marketing report. Groupon and other deal sites can help attract customers to the company through its offerings, however, the organization has to give clients positive experiences in order to ensure their return. Local shops may use it to attract consumers in the area rather than targeting the nation. Consistently providing reasonable deals and treating the customer well can go a long way in using daily deal sites for the business's advantage.

3. Significant spending increase
Companies have started to realize that if they want their social media strategy to be successful, they must be devoted to it as much as any other campaign. If fact, over the next five years, spending toward social media efforts is expected to increase 21.6 percent, according to Ignite Social Media's February 2013 CMO Survey. This coincides with respondents spending 8.4 percent of their marketing budget to advance their social media strategy. While more spending is not always better, organizations that put a concerted effort into their strategy will experience more of the benefits.

4. Twitter soaring to the top
Five years ago, no one would have known what Twitter was, however, the social network has become one of the most popular means of online communication, also serving as a news source for many people. With numerous mentions of the site in other media outlets, 44 percent of Americans hear or read about tweets almost every day, according to the 2013 Infinite Dial Report by Edison Research. The report goes on to show that 84 percent of respondents have heard of Twitter through multimedia at some point, compared to a mere 9 percent that don't know what Twitter is. Twitter is full of untapped potential and can be methodically used in a good marketing strategy.

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