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Social media networking is a unique way for organizations to get in touch with their audience. While a campaign to create more interest in the company may end up being more cost-effective in the long run, maintaining a social media profile still takes time. One problem businesses may run into is a lack of consumers following the brand and contributing to its online content. Here are a few ways to find and engage your target audience:

1. Know the networks
In many cases, potential customers can be segmented between different social media sites, making it necessary for the organization to understand where consumers spend most of their time. For example, millennials may spend more of their time on Facebook and Twitter, whereas older generations are more heavily invested in YouTube. While customers may float between various social networks, organizations can make their campaign easier by choosing a few sites that not only meets the business's goals but also host the target audience. Companies may choose to utilize YouTube for product demonstrations, for instance, whereas Twitter and Instagram are better for photos and short messages. Choosing a network that suits the organization's strengths will help create a more engaging experience for its followers.

2. Search with keywords
Facebook and Twitter are good networks for yielding results that are specific to each user. Organizations can search with a desired keyword and find other businesses and followers that fall within the designated category. For example, if the company is based in Chicago and wants to target an audience in that area, setting the city as a filter will display all profiles that have that qualification. This feature is extremely useful for narrowing down potential consumers to a more specialized group of people. Searching with keywords can also show which terms are most successful for competing companies. Utilizing common business-related phrases for your organization will help social media users find the page easily and better recognize the brand.

3. Use engaging content
Posting a stagnant comment may not be interesting enough to captivate your audience. Rather, it may be more useful to post a photo, video or article along with the statement. The remark has to be valuable for followers, such as information about an upcoming sale or other important industry news. Using tools to find out when consumers are most active on social media can also help the organization strategically post for those viewers. For example, if people most often access their profiles at noon, this could mean they're on their lunch hour, giving food companies a chance to post their products to bring in more business. Other companies may simply choose to upload their content before that time in order to have it seen throughout the day.

Finding an audience can be difficult if a business doesn't know where to look. Utilizing social media tools and understanding each network's function can help organizations optimize their search and better target their audience. Now that you're actively engaging your followers online, Fonality's business phone services can help keep consumer interest with an array of professional telephony tools. Learn more about Fonality on our website.