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socialicongridSocial media marketing can be difficult to manage if the organization doesn't have a good handle on its profile and emerging Internet trends. As more businesses migrate their marketing campaigns to social networks, it will help to have a plan in place in order to draw a larger audience. Here are a few of the most important online marketing trends expected for 2014:

1. Branching out
While sticking to Facebook and Twitter tends to be a good bet to bring in people, your business could be missing additional opportunities on social media sites that are quickly gaining prominence with a larger variety of users. Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr are all growing to become powerhouses in their own rights and offer unique experiences and capabilities. These sites will give organizations more room to experiment with their marketing style and start producing different types of content that will draw more consumers, according to Forbes. The company can also generate a larger audience base by establishing profiles on different sites. Younger people are using Instagram more than Twitter, for example, whereas older generations are increasing their presence on YouTube. Understanding which sites your audience visits will help choose appropriate social networks to join.

2. Word of mouth
An oldie-but-goodie, word of mouth marketing is currently on the rise in-person as well as online. Leveraging social media to gain referral customers could significantly help boost the organization's pull. According to Australian business coach Casey Gollan, word-of-mouth reviews can go viral within secondsand companies can capitalize on this by not only offering good service, but initiating a referral campaign with customer benefits. Allowing the consumers to become the salespeople for your business could potentially save on other advertising efforts and be more effective as far as drawing more long-term clients. By simply putting your ad on social media, many users will simply scroll past it. But if their peers were to tell them about the brand, it would make them more interested in checking it out.

"Social media is growing in importance for any business participating in online marketing," Gollan said. "Social media and search are becoming more intertwined. Social influence, meanwhile, has a pretty huge impact on paid advertising."

3. Increase in visual elements
One of the biggest draws for any business is the use of engaging media, including videos and images. Meme campaigns have grown increasingly popular for organizations as well. If you don't know what a meme is, search "grumpy cat meme." Go ahead, I'll wait ... That's just one of the many techniques that organizations can employ for their marketing strategy. Another viral meme is "Mckayla Maroney is not impressed," when a shot was taken of the gymnast after receiving an Olympic silver medal. Since then, she has used it as a positive motivator for her next goal. Taking a popular meme and incorporating it with your own text to match the business could be a major boost for audience growth.

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