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Whenever we talk to a small company owner about business phone solutions, chances are one of the first things he or she will mention is budgetary concerns. Even as new companies pass that important and exciting threshold of going beyond those first few employees to reach medium-sized business status, monetary issues are likely to remain as prevalent as ever. Businesses are constantly being pushed to do more with less. We would all love to have the net worth of a company like Apple or ExxonMobil, but that's a scenario that no small business owner can realistically plan for - at least not in the short term.

However, the old adage in SMB circles, that you often need to spend money to make it, still applies. At the end of the day small firms need to actively lure in new clientele by investing in marketing, advertising and many other necessary efforts. The key in this regard is to make sure that the investment yields a quality return. ROI is repeated ad nauseam in business. Still, it's a good way to determine if something is worthwhile spend. Amid all the possible things a SMB can spend money on, one investment that may yield the highest ROI is a contact center solution.

Really? A contact center solution?
Yes, I am well aware that this claim may seem a bit crazy to some organizations. After all, it can seem ill advised to spend limited cash reserves on such technology in the scheme of a company's growth trajectory, but obtaining a contact center solution may be the wisest step a growing business has ever taken.

Think about it this way: What is the lifeblood of any business? If you answered customers, then you are absolutely correct. It can be easy to forget amid the everyday headaches and joys an SMB experiences that consumers and clients are what really propel you forward. Without them, what is the purpose of the organization anyway? Making sure this ethos permeates the entire organization is so crucial, and implementing a quality contact center solution shows internal stakeholders and customers what the business truly values, which is communicating with clients and consumers in order to keep them happy.

Notice that I am specifically talking about a contact center solution and not simply a call center. It's not that I don't think a business phone service is useless in customer service settings, as the truth is far from it. Rather, a growing company needs to be able to keep in mind the many methods today's consumers use to express their thoughts. As technology such as instant messaging, social media and mobile devices becomes more ubiquitous, SMBs need to take these channels into account.

Among everything SMBs can spend their hard-earned cash on, a contact center solution may at first seem like it's low on the proverbial totem pole. However, no company can expect to see further growth if it does not value customer input and interactions, and a contact center solution helps to facilitate those vital efforts. Fonality offers productivity-enhancing contact center solutions specifically for SMBs. Take a look at what we have to offer, and chat with one of our small business consultants today.