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socialwordgridMany organizations have decided to extend their marketing campaigns onto the Internet in order to reach a larger audience and drive interest. However, using social media can be difficult due to its high maintenance nature as well as an unpredictable return on investment. When playing to business strengths, a social media strategy can be extremely effective in generating more revenue and creating more long-lasting customer relationships. Here are a few tips to make your social media marketing strategy a success with potential clients:

1. Evaluate company goals
While this may not directly affect consumers, it will definitely influence how businesses use social media in order to gain more clients. Identifying organizational goals and customer intents will help companies plan to merge the two together for an overall strategy that will suit both needs, according to Entrepreneur. Through solving audience problems and answering questions, the business will be able to forge a stronger presence and give consumers a more engaging experience. By simply posting a comment, many people might scroll over it. However, with specific goals and interactive elements in mind, the organization will be able to achieve their goals and spur more interest for the brand.

2. Use analytics
Many companies worry about how they will calculate their return on investment as well as keep track of the amount of people joining their social media profiles. With analytics, businesses will be able to accomplish these tasks and many others. Using the data gathered from the analytics software, organizations can look at social media mentions customers produced, blogs published and leads generated to show what progress is being made, according to Social Media Today contributor John Beveridge. This information will give decision makers the ability to plan for further marketing strategies. Analytics will show specific areas that are working well versus other plans that have been less successful, allowing companies to easily make changes that will be more profitable.

3. Interact with images
While media can be a great addition to a Facebook post, it should also contribute something. A static image may not give enough information, but by adding text to communicate the message, the status could be significantly more successful, according to Social Media Examiner contributor Cynthia Sanchez. Choosing an appropriate image and posing questions related to your organization can generate more interest for the topic and get more followers involved with company processes. This will help drive more revenue for the business and boost return on investment.