For years, 10/100 Fast Ethernet has been a network standard.  But in today’s world of connected devices in which everyone seems to have a smart phone, i-device, tablet and VoIP phone all within arms’ reach, that isn’t always enough.  Thanks in part to the demand for speed and bandwidth, it’s easier—and cheaper—than ever before to upgrade networks to Gigabit Ethernet.  For the small and midsized business, this can mean not only getting the needed capacity to support all those extra devices, but also facilitating an efficient workflow throughout the organization, from providing quick access to a repository of files, sharing printers, scanners and other devices among workers, and providing access to the Internet from all of the connected local workstations.  

Many devices now support Gigabit Ethernet.  In fact, most newer network-connected items, like laptops, PCs and network storage devices, are compatible.  Even many basic home-level routers and switches are based on Gigabit Ethernet.  So why don't more organizations take advantage?  The answer for some is that their VoIP phones still contain a 10/100 switch, which means to provide Gigabit speed to the desktop, they have to run another connection to bypass the phone.

Now, there is a better solution.  With the addition of Yealink phones to the Fonality portfolio, deploying Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop is possible without the need to add new network drops for each of your workstations.  The Yealink T32G and T38G provide your users with a built in Gigabit switch so that they can use the full speed of your network without the bottleneck that older VoIP phones can create.

I’ve been asked several times recently, "Why GigE?"  With an easy and cost-effective solution like the Yealink phones available, my response has become, "Why not GigE?"