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Previously, I discussed the reliability of desk phones as a unified communication technology. To further demonstrate the importance of the desk phone as part of an organization's UC strategy, I want to highlight a few situations where mobile alone just doesn't cut it, as well as explore what's in store for this technology in the future.

When mobile phones simply won't do
No Jitter contributor Roberto De La Mora also pointed out that a desk phone can actually be an essential tool for certain jobs, one which cannot be substituted for another communication technology option. Call center workers cannot perform their duties without a device that can handle the call volume that their organization receives. According to DestinationCRM, a call center can handle more than 400,000 calls annually, or anywhere from 600 to 8,000 calls each day. With this kind of call volume, using anything but a network-connected business phone would be particularly challenging. Similarly, several other working environments require fixed office phone technology like Fonality's services.

"Desk workers still largely rely on their fixed phone to get the job done," De La Mora wrote. "These workers hold jobs that involve sitting at a desk and talking to customers, coworkers, managers and staff remotely. These workers care about reliability, voice and video quality and how their devices integrate with other software applications."

Not extinct, evolving
De La Mora also pointed out that technology is quickly evolving, producing better office phone systems and integrated solutions for unified communications. In this way, the desk phone is far from a dying avenue of communication. Looking to the future, De La Mora predicted the invention of "smarter" desk phones.

"The next device on the desktop will be a 'smarter' desk phone that offers seamless integration and content sharing between the desk phone and a smartphone," De La Mora wrote. "Easy and secure VPN access for the remote teleworker or branch team; or a smartphone-like user experience built on an open operating system where workers can access a full range of applications."

Keeping this in mind, don't forget about the desk phone. It is an intelligent communication device which is still relevant and useful and will only evolve in the future.

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