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thumbsup thumbsdownEnterprise social media strategies can be very beneficial for business, but if the organization goes about it the wrong way, it could end up being a complete flop. Social media opens up numerous opportunities to directly connect with the intended audience, and if the social media strategy isn't on par with expectations, it can have significant consequences. Companies make many mistakes on their social media platforms, like inappropriately responding to criticism or ignoring comments completely. Here are a few of the biggest errors that businesses encounter in their social media campaigns:

1. Following the traditional mindset
Most organizations know that for any good marketing strategy, you have to use the tools at your disposal in order to create something that will be truly unique for the audience. However, that doesn't mean that all methods can be universally used. In most regular campaigns, marketers call around, create fliers and have a command-and-control attitude to ensure the initiative's success. Booz & Co. CEO Cesare Mainardi told The Wall Street Journal that keeping the traditional mindset will end in disaster, calling for a complete reboot of company procedures regarding how it connects with other entities. By becoming sharing-centric, participatory and dynamic, the business can ensure that they are using the full potential of the social media networks.

"And the leading companies in the social sphere are not just building these capabilities, but also investing to make them distinctive: so ingrained, proficient, and individually tailored to their strategies that competitors can't catch up," Mainardi wrote. "To accomplish this, companies must actively transform their key business functions from marketing to product development."

2. Ignoring unique features
Each platform has its own set of capabilities and strengths can reinforce a powerful campaign for organizations. However, treating sites like they're the same could end up damaging the business's reputation. CIO contributor Jennifer Lonoff Schiff noted that the sites all have their own dynamics, making rebroadcasting messages across the networks seem fake and impersonal. In order to mitigate this, companies must understand the features of each site. For example, using hashtags and retweets on Twitter could be beneficial, while putting up photos or linking a video might be better suited for Facebook. By engaging with the different tools, the organization can build a more successful campaign and begin to appeal to a wider base of consumers.

3. Failing to connect
For any marketing strategy, not connecting with the audience has a significant negative impact. The content needs to be based around audience interests while also expressing the organization's personality and/or philosophy. The audience may feel more engaged with businesses that are creative in their postings. Forbes contributor Robert Jordan gave Ford's Facebook page as an example, as it shows the human side of the company and actively looks to learn more about the fans. This helps establish a better connection with the organization and allows the customers to know that their comments are acknowledged.

Social media marketing mistakes can be detrimental to business growth, making it important to observe campaign best practices when using the networks. As the fanbase continues to grow, your business may also want to invest in business phone solutions to handle all of the incoming calls. With Fonality's services, companies can continue serving their fanbase and deliver excellent call quality. For more details on these offerings and more, visit Fonality's website today.