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MegaphoneMarketing has been an integral part of client communication and retention for years, beginning with cold calling and surveys and expanding later to using more interactive elements to gauge current needs. In an increasingly collaborative society, outbound marketing has lost some of its luster.  However, it still remains a viable way to expand your customer base. Many organizations still successfully use traditional, outbound marketing in their mix.  Here are a few tips to effectively incorporate outbound marketing in your campaigns.

1. Understand customer values
In any good marketing strategy, it's important to know exactly what your audience is looking for. Tailoring outbound communication like emails and advertising to meet these expectations will capture your customer's eye and appeal to their interests. Chief Marketer contributor Michael Kaiser-Nyman noted that, if clients have a hard time deciding between your organization and a competitor, offering free trials and including testimonials could also help drive growth. The message should also be clear and honest, allowing the clients to accurately assess the business and its potential.

"I used to rely heavily on inbound marketing," Kaiser-Nyman wrote. "I tweeted, wrote blog posts, joined LinkedIn groups, and answered Quora questions.  After months of frustrating results, I realized that I wasn't reaching our ideal customers. When I finally bought ads that targeted people who had searched for products like ours, steady interest and leads began pouring in."

2. Use relevant conversations
For outbound marketing, learning from previous experiences will often yield benefits for the future. For example, Social Media Today contributor John Jantsch noted that customer calls could refine outbound efforts and allow businesses to make innovative decisions as they tweak their marketing approach. Allowing the sales teams to use content assets could also yield significant benefits for smarter calls. By leveraging all available opportunities, the organization could maximize their potential advantages and foster a more successful company.

"[N]ow, smart marketers are using their content assets, married with outbound tactics, to attract leads with a more palatable read, read, read or download, download, download!" Jantsch wrote.

3. Crunch the numbers
Marketing campaigns are largely based on current emerging trends and similarities that can be identified through business reports. With analytics, businesses can determine how effective their calling strategies are as well as gauge the penetration of their campaigns, according to Little Jack Marketing. For calls relating to product issues, for example, decision makers can easily see this factor and choose to either fix the entire line or take it off the market altogether. With other numbers like the fluctuation of the customer base or the amount of sales, the company can view which product was the most successful and use comparable marketing tactics for future strategies.

In a society where social media has become a major part of daily activity, outbound marketing still has a large part to play with advertising, emails and cold calling methods that are used daily. Business phone services can help organizations with these calling needs and help promote positive customer experiences. For these offerings and more, visit Fonality today.