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call center agentHow often have a business's contact center agents been hung up on or yelled at because of a frustrated customer that was on hold forever or had been transferred to a bunch of different departments and didn't get an answer? For many companies, the answer is probably a lot, especially if the technology isn't helping the agent connect with the user. Excellent customer service should be at the heart of every contact center out there. Recent industry research found that clients who had a good experience with an agent were more likely to stay loyal to that company, 1to1 Media reported.

According to the source, consumers were more likely to provide feedback and shop more with the business after a good customer experience, where as those who had a bad experience were more likely to hurt the brand by sharing negative experiences with friends and family and not shopping with the company again.

The difference between a positive and negative experience could be technology. Those with traditional telephony systems often lack other features that can help call center agents provide a more personal experience, making them appear aloof to the customer. Businesses that use unified communications or VoIP solutions are often able to service consumers better thanks to tools that give employees more information on the person they are speaking to.

Clouding communications tools can cut contact center costs
These solutions, however, come with some costs. While legacy telephony solutions do cost more than newer offerings, there is still an upfront investment needed to leverage VoIP and UC. However, there is a solution out there to help lower costs even further: the cloud. Those using the cloud for their communications solutions can get all the benefits of VoIP, but for a fraction of the cost.

"Enterprises have had disparate UC tools, like email, voice and maybe a conferencing platform at the baseline," Diane Myers, principal analyst at Infonetics Research, said. "Now, it's becoming a question of how to bring this UC architecture together to create productivity, and if the costs will justify the gains in terms of flexibility and improved productivity."

Whereas on-premises solutions may not be in line with the company's budget, the cloud gives organizations the ability to leverage these tools yet stay within their means. Businesses that pick the cloud for their communications platforms don't have to deal with the high phone bills of traditional telephony or the costs to integrate equipment with legacy systems.

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