Posted by Team NetFortris

A VoIP phone system can offer a plethora of benefits to users in a variety of business sectors. Much has been written about the collaboration capabilities and cost saving advantages of such business phone services over legacy structures. However, there are certain assets specific to VoIP technology that some users may not be as aware of.

Especially within smaller organizations, a VoIP telephone system can make a company appear to be a larger, all-encompassing company due to the technology's big-business offerings. These include an auto attendant that can direct calls to different departments, or simply to specific individuals. Additionally, some VoIP systems also offer virtual area codes, which can be utilized to differentiate between multiple locations, or make a company appear more international. By utilizing this kind of service, an organization of any size can seem more reputable and professional to callers. 

Enterprise Networking Planet stated that VoIP services also offer support for the multitude of media applications utilized in business practices today. These can include voice, video, presence, messaging, transferring content and more. All these capabilities are available and supported by a VoIP business phone service and can help an organization connect employees despite their geographic locations.

Another little known feature of many VoIP services is that of virtual faxing, or IP faxing. Instead of utilizing outdated technology for faxes, customers can utilize their VoIP system to send and receive such messages, without the need of paper or toner.

In addition, Enterprise Networking Planet stated that business VoIP systems have the ability to be seamlessly integrated with other technologies. This is due to the fact that they operate via SIP protocols on the application layer. For this reason, the technology, such as that offered by Fonality, can be unified with other communication systems within an organization's infrastructure.

For optimal control over the system, many VoIP services also offer a user management interface. This provides visibility and supervision capabilities valuable for administrators and communication security.