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Social clusterSocial media marketing has reached fever pitch levels as the holidays edge closer, meaning that more organizations are creating more content for sales, promotions and specialty products. However, because of all of this media, users can be easily turned off from the amount of posts and advertisements they see, creating a lower return on investment for their social networking campaigns. The question to answer in such a case becomes "With all of this clutter, how can your company shine through and reach your audience?" Instead of trying to hammer home your point of low iPad prices or the limited time that your products are discounted, creating targeted content will be more likely to attract the attention of customers.

For many businesses, social media remains one of the prime ways to directly reach their audience and gauge consumer reaction to their products. However, using this platform has been historically sporadic when it comes to seeing results. One way to mitigate this and attract more customers is to create quality content that will better fit their values. A recent study by ExactTarget found that 38 percent of Facebook and 43 percent of Twitter marketers are not as concerned with the amount of followers gained - rather, they are focusing on the quality of members that are added through the network. This could mean generating more opportunities for long-time clients and decreasing the chance that customers will leave for competitor services. Over 70 percent of marketers using either social networking giant cited brand awareness as their top priority while a desire to drive site traffic came in just over 55 percent. These numbers demonstrate the fact the organizations are changing the approach to their social media strategy to focus more on client needs rather than solely concentrating on business gain.

Increasing digital interest
Creating content for social media profiles can be challenging, but by directly targeting user interests, organizations can appeal to client preferences. In addition to posting statuses and tweeting about virtually everything, many social networks offer the chance to display business ads on the site. According to eMarketer, U.S. retailers are expected to increase their digital ad budgets to $9.5 billion, representing a 15.7 percent increase. By 2017, this number is forecasted to hit $13.82 billion. Most of an organization's marketing funds will be used during the holiday season, when companies tend to get the largest portion of annual revenue.

In addition to this development, the format of mobile ads could soon be changing as social media platforms adapt to user preferences. According to MarketingProfs, Facebook's in-stream ads and Twitter's Promoted Tweets are the beginning of a new wave of advertisement standards. The source expects mobile video formats to increase in popularity with 5-second and 10-second promotions being used more often.

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