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typingWhile business telephone communication remains at the core of what we do here at Fonality, it is far from the only type of solution we offer to customers. After all, modern communication and collaboration goes far beyond voice to incorporate a variety of other different forms, and we always strive to deliver the exact solutions our valued clients are currently looking for.

Outside of our business VoIP offerings, can you guess what service is among our popular offerings? If you guessed instant messaging, then you're spot on! What started off as a fun way to talk with friends back in the '90s has since morphed into a business juggernaut. Chances are, just about every successful company nowadays has some form of instant messaging-based system. After all, we've found our chat prompt that appears when you are on our site is a great way to answer any questions you may have when browsing.

Before you scoff at IM first consider these numbers:

  • 22 percent of all Americans now use at least one instant messaging service
  • Approximately 45 percent of everyone who owns a smartphone uses chat features on their mobile device
  • By 2016, it's estimated that close to 1.5 billion people will be using instant messaging functionality

What's the big deal with chat anyway?
To some, these statistics and claims seem downright silly. After all, what can instant messaging offer that can't be found via services like email? Well, lots of things:

  • Real time - Unlike with email, chat allows you to instantly connect with anyone - so long as they are online and signed into the service, of course. Instead of leaving voicemails or waiting for days for a reply to an email, you can instantaneously obtain the information you need via instant messaging.
  • Dynamic - Need to send over a link or a share a video? IM is great for that. Need to explain a link or video on a phone call? Good luck with that!
  • Easy to understand - At this point, just about everyone has used an instant messaging platform in some way. Because technology has been around years in the consumer sphere, businesses likely don't need to train employees how to use it.
  • Perfect for mobile - As the statistics cited earlier illustrate, mobile device users love chat. It can sometimes be a pain to type out an email on a smartphone or tablet, but very few people have ever found it difficult to send a quick message using the same devices. As this technology becomes more prevalent in companies nationwide, having tools that work well with these devices will become more crucial than ever.

As with anything else, instant messaging is all about the sum of its parts, with all of these features and benefits combined into one dynamic solution that is deployed in tandem with business VoIP that can benefits businesses of all sizes. By combining so many assets into one system, chat is able to dramatically reshape business communication and collaboration.

Now that you're (hopefully) sold on the benefits of chat, contact a Fonality representative today to learn more about what we can offer your small business as part of our total unified communication and collaboration package.